OM Voyage arose from the longing to follow delight and intuition and to try something new according to the principle: Start before you're ready - just go for it!

OM Voyage EmBody Wear is a homage to the mystical beauty of nature and creation, to all bodies that are more than a shell. Your body is the home of your soul, with which it can experience life through all the senses, communicate with you through body wisdom and express itself. A temple of inner and pure beauty – the joy of life. Thus, your drive for movement is not primary fitness and athletic performance, but to experience and feel yourself and express your true nature embracing liveliness and purpose.

With its colorful prints and courageous designs, inspired by the wild and lush tropical nature, the collection radiates that Joy of Life. It awakens your Zest for Life and reminds you to your untamed, free and adventurous essence. You can’t help but get in a good mood and infect others with it. Wearing Om Voyage EmBody Wear is your statement of your conscious choice to be a self-empowered and embodied creator of your reality.

All clothes are made of Brazilian high-quality Polyamide. The material is velvety soft and at the same time firm in its elasticity, so that the body shape is graceful from every perspective. Since it dries fast, it can be used as swimwear too. The collections are produced in small quantities and sell out fast. The placement of the prints may vary; therefore, each piece is unique. OM Voyage collaborates with a small design and production studio in Brazil, that employs around 20 adults.

May you be like a peacock and dance with all your beauty

Love, Olivia